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20 In 1 Screwdriver With Telescoping Pick-Up Tool
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  • Includes 13pcs regular screwdriver bits, 5 PCS sockets and 1 PC socket adaptor meet most of jobs.
  • Comes with telescoping magnetic pick-up tool stored inside the tube, pulling out to pick-up small metal objects, the extension length up to 17 1/2″ (440mm)
  • It’s portable, durable and fixable, easy to use in home, office, automatic, shop and more

(A) Regular screwdriver with 13-pcs. screw bits 5-pcs. sockets and 1-pcs socket adaptor fits all kinds of job.
(B) Telescoping magnetic pick-up tool (up to 17-1/2″ long/440mm) stored inside the tube pulling out to pick up small metal objects..

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