Ultra-Efficient LED Magnifying Lamp
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Ultra-Efficient LED Magnifying Lamp
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Premium magnifier lamp, ideal for professional, home, beauty or hobby use, great reading, nail art and visual aid.







84 LEDs Energy saving
Comes with 84 SMD LEDs provide 900 Lumen bright lighting and only 2-18W low consumption

Up to 100,000 hours, 20X longer lifetime
The SMD LED lasts up to 100000 hours which is 20 times longer lifetime than incandescent lamp. It also provides soft brightness, more comfortable.

3 Level illumination adjustments
There are 3 level illuminations for choice to meet different applications.

3D (1.75X) glass lens
Design with 3D(1.75X) magnification Glass Lens, features high transmission for excellent view.

Save more work space
Sturdy clamp attaches quickly to desk or table up to 65mm thickness, preserves more of your work space.

Unique internal cantilever, safer and easier
The unique internal cantilever design allows angling and pointing the light position more easily and safely.

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