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Sound Level Meter
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Sound Level Meter
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Ideal for measuring in factories, schools, residential, office, traffic, sound, noise engineering, product quality control, health prevention and control and more


  • A & C weighting network selection
  • Measuring range from 30 to 130 dB
  • LCD display with backlight
  • High speed (FAST)/Low speed (SLOW) response rate selection
  • Extra functions: Max./Min.value、Data Hold、Auto range、Backlight、
  • Good anti-interference performance、Auto power off



Range 30—130dBA、35—130dBC

30—80db、40—90db、50—100db、60—110db、70—120db、80—130db、30~130 db is auto range

Accuracy ±1.5dB ( 94dB@1KHz), ±5dB (94dB@8KHz)
Resolution 0.1dB
Response frequency 30Hz — 8KHz
Dynamic sound pressure 50 dB ( at each range) FAST 125ms, SLOW 1sec
Frequency weighting A and C type
Sensor Polarized condenser microphone
Sampling Time 2 times/sec.,Analog 20 times/sec.
Operating environment 10~80%RH,0°C~40°C (Non-condensing)
Storage environment 10~70%RH,-10°C~60°C (Non-condensing)
Low battery indication <5V
Power source 1.5V AAA battery x 4 (Not included)
Weight 174 g (Not including battery)
Dimension 174 x 60 x 29mm
Accessories Storage bag, Instruction manual

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