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Deluxe Telecom Installer’s Kit(Metric)
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Deluxe Telecom Installer’s Kit(Metric)
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SR-332 All Purpose Snip
1PK-CT007 Double End Socket Can Wrench
HW-121M 8PCS Folding Hex Key Set
PD-994 Electrician’s Knife
PM-909 Long Nose Plier (170mm) Black Oxide Finish 6″
PM-715 Dual Color Diagonal Cutting Plier (110mm)
8PK-101K Micro Cutting Plier
1PK-H026 Adjustable Wrench-6″
1PK-H078 Probe-Pic Spudder
DK-2047N Electrician’s Scissors
SD-207A  Pro-Soft Screwdriver (6.0x100mm)
SD-207B  Pro-Soft Screwdriver (#2x100mm)
SD-210A  Pro-Soft Screwdriver (5.0x100mm)
SD-210B  Pro-Soft Screwdriver (#1x100mm)
9SD057P Double-End Screwdriver
1PK-H064 Precision Hand Drill
8PK-SD016 23PCS 1/4″ Driver Socket Set
MT-7068 All-in-one Toner & Probe Kit
MT-8091 In-Line Modular Adapters 4/6/8 Pin 3 In 1
8PK-3140N Punch Down Tool With 110/66 Blades
PD-2606 Heavy Duty Curved-Claw Hammer W/Fiberglass Handle
DK-2032 Fish Tape (50FT)
MS-V305 Velcro Cable Tie-5″ Assortment (15PCS/Pack)
108-608A 10PCS Electronic Combination Wrench (Inch) or (Metric)
903-132C-G Utility Component Storage Box (165x95x45mm)
CP-372 Pro-Crimper (Frame only)
CP-236DM5 Die Set for CP-372G 8P8C/RJ45 Plug & Cable O/D around 5.2Ø
CP-336DA4 Die Set for CP-372O RG 58,59,62,174
CP-336DH1 Die Set for CP-372T CATV F Connectors RG 59,6
DK-2040 Hi-rel Tape Measure 3M/10Ft
1PK-T406 6″ Straight Forceps
9PK-4021-P Pallet for PK-4021
9PK-4021-TP Top pallet for PK-4021
9PK-990 Aluminum frame tool w/1 pallet


Model No. Case size (mm) Individual Packing
PK-4021M (Metric) 461x331x156 (O.D.) Color Box

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