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Multi Purpose Scissor
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Multi Purpose Scissor
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3 in 1 –
Cutter + Opener + Clamp
Stainless Steel Blade –
Sharp & Durable

Cut clever from now on!

  • Stainless steel with curve blade design ensures steady and force-saving cutting.
  • Serrated blade prevents object to slide
  • Specially desgin for cutting soft materials such as tin sheets, carpets, cartons, fabric, aluminum sheets, plastics, disks, cards, papers, food, meat, vegetables, and more.
Material HRC OAL(mm
Body Handle Body
420 J2 Stainless Steel PP+TPR 53°±2° 206
Material Serrated blade Wire cutter
Aluminum sheets 0.8mm
Plastic sheets 1.2mm
Copper sheets 0.5mm
Galvanized / Tin sheets 0.4mm
Rubber sheets 4.0mm
Leather 5.0mm
Ropes(Cotton/Nylon) 10mm
Aluminum/Copper wores up to Ø 2.5mm
Others Fabrics, Cartons, Disks, Cards, etc. 

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