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Hot Air SMD Rework Tool
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Hot Air SMD Rework Tool
Vəziyyəti : Yeni
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  • 300W 500°C / 3 ranges, max. 22L/min
  • LCD digital setting
  • Microprocessor Control
  • Temp. 200°C ~ 500°C
  • Air Volume 3 ranges, max. 22L/min


  • Microprocessor precise control.
  • LCD digital display for quick setting.
  • Temperature adjustable from 200°C to 500°C.
  • Air volume adjustable from 3 ranges, max. 22L/min.
  • Compatible with air nozzles from hot air soldering stations.
Specifications SS-602E SS-602B SS-602H
Voltage 110~120V 220~240V 220~240V
Power Consumption 300W
Air volume For 3 ranges, max. 22L/min(Max)
Temperature 200°C~500°C
Power plug E B H
Standard Nozzle ø5mm, ø8mm, ø12mm


Optional Accessories

• 9SS-602-A1: replacement nozzle Ø5mm
• 9SS-602-A2: replacement nozzle Ø8mm
• 9SS-602-A3: replacement nozzle Ø12mm
• 9SS-602B-H: replacement heater for SS-602B/SS-602H
• 9SS-602E-H: replacement heater for SS-602E
• Compatible with 9SS-900 series nozzles

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