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USB Tester
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USB Tester
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The second generation UT658 series USB testers can inspect USBchargers, portable power sources, USB type A and C cables andother electronic charging devices. UT658 measures output voltage,current, energy, capacity, circuit equivalent resistance, D+ andD- voltages of USB data cables. This series is designed to beprecise, reliable, stable, and portable. They are great tools forapplications such as manufacturing verification, engineeringtesting, and DIYers.

Description UT658DUAL
Input & Output ports (Type A)
Input & Output ports (Type C)
Data/charging protocol 2.0/(3.0/4.0)
Voltage range 4~24VDC, resolution: 0.01V
Current range (Type-A) 0.05~3ADC, resolution: 0.01A
Current range (Type-C) 0.05~5ADC, resolution: 0.01A
Capacity 0~99999mAh, resolution: 1mAh
Energy 0~1000Wh
Circuit equivalent resistance measurement 1~480Ω
USB data cable voltage (D+, D-) 0~3.3V
Data storage 10 sets
Maximum recording time 99h, 59min, 59sec; resolution: 1s
Fast charge protocol (Type-A) QC 3.0 fast charge protocol
Fast charge protocol (Type-C) QC 4.0 fast charge protocol
General Characterisitics
Product color White
Product net weight 65.8g
Product size 93mm x 55mm x 13mm
Standard individual packing Gift box, English manual
Standard quantity per carton 60pcs
Standard carton measurement 280mm x 220mm x 225mm

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