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USB Data Storage Meter
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USB Data Storage Meter
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Product BriefUT330 series is a USB data storage meter(Namely: “USB storage meter”)which is using high level digital humidity mode and using high pressure mode as sensor in order to using low consumption processor as a digital record meter。This device is in IP67 grade water proof function、high accuracy、bulk data storage capacity、Auto backup、USB data transmission、graphic management and statistics as features in order to fulfil in all the comprehension high level measurement and longer time humidity measurement ,as well as gas monitor for recording requirement。It  can apply in medical field, transportation and warehouse management  application。

1、IP67  Grade waterproof standard;
2、High accuracy temperature±0.5℃,Humidity±3%RH;
3、High data storage up to 60000 pieces record,suitable for temperature, humidity and gas measurement under longer test duration;
4、Apply for software to the device;
5、Simplied Chinese, Traditional Chinese and English can support on software interface;
6、Can use curve wave diagram record to print out,also can optional use single line、multiple lines or all the different type of curve wave display,use mouse in the diagram to tick on any data point for the purpose to conducting accuracy data display change under temperature , humidity and gas record data time;
7、can save curve data diagram into BMP format、and put data record into Csv、Txt format,for the user as further analysis;
8、Advanced user setting,include user name、high and low temperature alarm、data capture interval、re-start mode.

Function Range Accuracy
Model UT330C
Temperature Test Test Range -40℃~80℃
Temperature Test Range -40℃~-30℃ ±2.0℃
-30℃~0℃ ±1.0℃
0℃~40℃ ±0.5℃
40℃~70℃ ±1.0℃
70℃~80℃ ±2.0℃
Best Accuracy 0.1℃
Humidity Test Range 0%RH~100%RH
Test Accuracy 20%RH~80%RH
<20%RH or  >80%RH
Best Accuracy 0.1%RH
Gas Test Range 750hpa~1100hpa
Test Accuracy ±3 hPa
Best Accuracy 0.1hPa
Special Function
Temperature Shift Mode
Humidity Shift Mode
Gas Shift Mode
Data Storage 60000
Data Read Back
Records Mode Setup
User Setting
Alarm Setup
Auto Power Off
Data Manage & Data Analyse
General Characteristics
Power 3.6V  1/2AA  ER14250 Battery
Product Color Black
Product Net Weight 52g(Include Battery,Not  Include Accessories)
Product  Size 120mmx32mmx23mm
Standard Accessories Battery(Device inside)、Software、Strip(Not include Magnetic)、Screws x 2 pcs
Standard Pack Gift Box、Manual
Standard Quantity Per Carton 72 Pcs
Standard Carton Size 410mmx375mmx245mm
Standard Carton Gross Weight 9KG
Optional Accessories* Strip(Include Magnetic)

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