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Insulation Resistance Tester
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Insulation Resistance Tester
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UT510 series testers can measure insulation resistance of large transformers, generators, high-voltage motors and more. UT510 series can also measure PI, DAR and other important specifications. Measured data can then be analyzed through PC software. UT513A can produce test voltage up to 5kV.

1. Large 9999 display with 30-segment analog bar graph

2. PI/DAR measurements

3. Comparison, upper and lower limit functions

4. Continuous measurement mode

5. Auto power off

6. 18-group data storage

7. Backlight

8. Auto current discharge and high-voltage output alarm

9. Power adapter

10. Time measurement mode, auto measure within 15 minutes

11. USB interface and PC software

12. Low battery and over range indications

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