Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator
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Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generator
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1. Intuitive interface design

2. Single channel

3. 125MS/s sampling rate, 14-bit vertical resolution

4. Integrated analog and digital design

5. 4.3 inches TFT LCD


Model UTG1010A
Channel 1
Sampling rate 125MS/s
Output frequency 10MHz
Frequency Characteristics
Sine 1μHz~10MHz
Square 1μHz~5MHz
Ramp 1μHz~400kHz
Pulse 1μHz~5MHz
Arbitrary 1μHz~2MHz
Resolution 1μHz
Accuracy Within 90 days ± 50ppm
Within 1 year ± 100ppm
Arbitrary Waveform
Vertical resolution 14 bits
Max. memory depth 16 sets of arbitrary waveforms
Output standard waveform Sine, square, ramp, triangle, pulse, noise, DC, arbitrary
Output amplitude range 1mVpp~10Vpp (50Ω); 2mVpp~20Vpp (High Z)
Modulation types AM, FM, PM, PWM, ASK, FSK, PSK
Interface USB Device
General Characteristics
Power 100~240V AC, 50Hz/60Hz
Display 4.3 inches TFT LCD, WVGA (480 x 272)
Product color White and grey
Product net weight 3.2kg
Product size 165mm x 110mm x 320mm
Standard accessories USB interface cable, power cord, BNC-BNC cable
Standard individual packing Carton box
Standard quantity per carton 2pcs
Standard carton measurement 380mm x 330mm x 320mm
Standard carton gross weight 8.5kg