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Smartphone Thermal Camera Module for Android

UTi721M is a professional thermal camera module for smartphones, which is compact, portable, and easy to operate through connecting with mobile phones. It’s 256×192 IR resolution provides clear image with a fast response.UTi721M is with wide temperature measurement range -20℃ ~ 550℃.It includes two measurements modes for elevated skin temperature inspection and industry applications. Users can troubleshoot HVAC problems or investigate heat source issues around the house and hidden issues faster and easier with this thermal camera module. It is a perfect tool for DIY homeowners,outdoor lovers, engineers, contractors and builders etc.

Features :

  • IR resolution: 256×192
  • Temperature measurement range: -20℃to 550℃  / -4℉ to 1022 ℉
  • Measurement modes: Industry, EST(Elevated Skin Temperature)
  • Auto alarm for high/low temperature
  • Auto tracking for hot spot/cold spot
  • On screen analyzer: 3 Points/3 Lines/3 Rectangles
  • Image capture
  • Video recording
  • Color palettes: 7(White hot, Black hot, Red hot Ironbow, Lava, Rainbow, Rainbow HC)
  • Phone: Android (USB Type-C interface)
  • 1m extension cable
  • 1m drop proof