DC Power Supply
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DC Power Supply
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UTP3700 series DC power supply is the lab universal power supply. BothⅠway and Ⅱ way have the function of constant voltage and constant current(CV/CC). The two ways can be auto switched with load changing. The device also has the function of cascade and master-slave. I way is the master and Ⅱ is the slave. Slave output voltage changes with master changing, which is especially applicable to symmetric adjustable bipolar power. Each of two ways can output DC power of 0-32V and 0-2A. Cascade operation or cascade tracking operation can output single-polarity and bipolarity power of 0-64V, 0-2A or 0-±32V,0-2A. Each way output can output parameter indicated by high quality magnetic meter or digital electric meter. It is convenient to use. It can effectively prevent damages caused by misoperation.

Ⅲway is DC power of fixed 5V and 0-2A used for TTL circuit experiment, single board computer and single chip.

UTP3700 series have beautiful and innovative appearance, reasonable structure design, high stability, high reliability, excellent performance and popular price. It is applicable to manufacture, scientific research, experiment and reaching and so on.


Model UTP3704S
Basic Function Range
Output Voltage Ⅰ、Ⅱ 0~32V
Output Current Ⅰ、Ⅱ 0~3A
Load Effect CV    ≤ 1 x    10-4     +2mV, CC  ≤ 2mA
Ripple and Noise CV≤1mVrmS,CC≤1mArmS
Output Adjustment Resolution CV…………..20mV(Typical    Value),CC…………..50mV(Typical Value)
Mutual Effect CV…………..5X10-5      +1mV,CC………….<0.5mA
Tracking Error 5X10-3  +2mV
Indication Method Digital Display. Voltage and    current are simultaneously displayed
Feature Steady voltage and steady    current can be auto switched. Protection method of current limitation is    adopted.
Output Voltage:5V,Output    Current:0~2A,Ripple and Noise:<3mV。
Reliability MTBF    (e):≥2000h
Other Function Ⅰway and Ⅱ way can be    mater-slave tracking and cascade use.
General Feature
Power 220V±10%    ,50Hz±4%
Operation Environment Operation    Temperature:0℃~+40℃,storage temperature:-5℃~+40℃,Natural Aeration-cooling
Product Color Ivory White+Grey
Product Net Weight 4    kg(about)
Product Size 290mm×158mm×213mm
Standard Accessories Power Line
Standard Packing Carton,Manual,Warranty
Standard Quantity Per Carton 2PCS
Standard Carton Size 600mm×380mm×245mm
Standard Carton Gross Weight 9.5    kg